What would happen if you retired today?

Find out how much you could live on if you stopped working right now and retired early. We'll also tell you how much money you'll have left in the future.

How much do you have in all investments/savings total as of right now? Only include investments such as stocks/bonds that can be easily converted into cash. Do not include the value of real estate, rental properties, precious metals, art, etc.

What is the average annual dividend payout on your stock investments?

Anticipated annual return on investments (YMMV but historically 8%):

How much do you expect to receive every year in recurring income? This includes income such as rental income, social security, pensions, etc. Do not include income from stocks such as dividends.

How much do you expect this income to increase every year, if any?

How many more years do you think you will live? This is how far we'll calculate into the future for you.