Other Resources and Links

Most of the ideas on our site are not new, revolutionary, or proprietary. People have been doing them for decades and some of those people got off the couch and wrote about them. I will eventually touch on all of these topics and more in posts, but just in case you want to dig in deeper, I have linked to other posts from other blogs that have roughly the same idea as ours and some who have inspired us as well.


  • Stock Series - It's basically a lot of different posts, but I truly can't say enough about it. You should definitely try to read all of them. Understand and implement what he says here and you will definitely retire earlier!
  • The Market Always Goes Up - You'll see those words here a lot because we truly live those words (it helps that they are true)
  • Why you need F-you money - Took a clip from a movie and themed half of his blog about it. We are almost to F-you money and you can be too. Guy loved it so much he re-created the clip with himself in the video. Can't make this stuff up, folks!

I just had to post the original video because it says a lot about the freedom of retiring early.


  • Never Pay Taxes Again - This one might have changed my life. I have to admit I learned a few things from this post on how to avoid paying taxes on our retirement income later on. Worth it for ANYONE to seriously wants to retire earlier.
  • Clawing Out of Debt - Like I've said before...if money is tight and you're up to your eyeballs in debt...you are not alone. Others have been there, too, and figured a way out.


  • How to Hack Your HSA - While we can't take advantage of an HSA due to our situation, I highly recommend this hack for those who have access to a Health Savings Account. Like having a secret retirement account!

Two Expats Living in Mexico


  • Investopedia University - Basically any questions you have about investing, finance, and the stock market...explained in detailed tutorials. The entire site is just a great resource. If the stock market or investing is confusing to you...this is your best stop!