Talk Financial Independence with us!

Friends and associates over the years have asked me for advice on money and investing. They see my family and I traveling around the world, able to go wherever we want, and naturally they want to know how to do the same thing.

I'm terrible at writing blog posts, and sometimes have no idea what to talk about.

So with the forum I figured I could let others ask questions and address them directly. And we can have conversations as a group instead of me writing posts and you reading...we can all take part.

So head on over to and join. There's a grand total of 2 people there now...but that's only for now.

See you there!


Chris grew up in the United States but felt the world calling. After working throughout his twenties climbing the executive ladder, he left the corporate world in order to have the free time needed to focus on family more than money. Since then he has never held a regular job and spends his time honing his skills to make money grow on trees.He now travels the world with his wife and two sons.

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