$1 per year stock alert

$1 per year stock alert

Know when we are making our trades so you, too, can earn more profits on stocks

It's true that the majority of people lose money in the stock market. Most if the time, it's because of fear. With our stock signals, we wanted to take fear out of the equation. First of all we made it affordable (laughably so), since we are already making these trades and setting up our exit strategy. So how hard is it to throw it in an e-mail real quick and send it to a list? Hint: it's not!

Secondly, we have a long track record of making good investments. We wouldn't be on our way to retired in our 30's if we didn't. So if you don't know where to invest and when, or want to take on a little more risk than buying and holding something stable, our stock alerts are just what you are looking for. In the long run we hope that you will start to recognize a pattern with what stocks we are picking and when/why we are buying. Then you can start to venture out and make your own choices...or just keep following us. We have no problem if you ride our coattails. We started this site to help others retire early like we did. So we intend to give you all the help you need including:

  • We'll send you an e-mail when we have entered a trade order, telling you what stock we are targeting and at what price.
  • Signals will also include our exit strategy for that stock, so you can sell when we do, or buy-and-hold.
  • Over time, you can learn how we choose stocks and trades and possibly start choosing trades of your own.
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